Squash (and other veggies) in a cold climate vegetable garden

Amazingly, squash seem to thrive here, absent the insect pests that they normally harbor in warmer places.  They grow rapidly in the long days of summer and seem to fruit well. 

This butternut squash in a local community garden in our nearby village of Le Bic is well along, I thought, for late August (of course, frost could come early, so...)

My container zucchini look like they'll produce a few more fruits -- I just planted them late, from seed germinated in the third week of June in Botanical Interest cardboard containers.

And the zucchini, spaghetti squash, etc. at our library vegetable garden have flourished, too.


I just harvested 4 cherry tomatoes, with lots of green ones still on the vine.  And there are finally scarlet runner beans developing, perhaps enough for a nice side dish! 

The broccoli has been interesting;  I'm getting another small head on a second plant, but largely have just had excellent leafy growth.  Broccoli leaves are actually quite good as a green (tastier than collards, in my opinion, even if a bit more chewy), so I'm not complaining.


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