Hooray for a new cherry pitter

My one-cherry-at-a-time OXO cherry pitter is perfectly nice, but... it's time-consuming to pit an entire collection of cherries like this;  today, we picked about 8 strainers worth, and my gardening companion is out there picking (thank goodness).  Picking cherries is work, and I'm glad to share that.

He just brought in a giant bowl's worth (bigger than the amount in this strainer) and is out there for more.

 So thank goodness, my cherry pitter from Amazon.ca arrived today.  It's noisy, but makes short work of cherries, even if it's still one cherry at a time.  It's a LOT faster than the OXO. 

They're going into the freezer, pitted, for winter jams and dehydrated cherries (yum to both).  I've just microwave-dehydrated a batch, too, to go into whole-grain muffins tomorrow.


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