Connecting vegetables with seeds (and names)

It's been fun to think about a program for 6-8 yr-olds about gardening and nature (in English for native French-speaking kids in Quebec).  It's a younger group than I've worked with in the past (the pre-schoolers a week ago, hmm...they were totally unfamiliar!)

The programs are all part of a bi-lingual outreach effort from our local Heritage Bas St. Laurent agency, which sponsors two English-language libraries, in Rimouski, our nearby city, and the village of Metis-sur-Mer.

My French is limited, of course, and the kids are supposed to be learning English, too, but I am familiar about teaching about plants, seeds, and vegetables and their connections!

So, I've rounded up seeds (and vegetables) to match up to what we planted in the garden behind the library in Rimouski, along with the neighboring plot, so we'll venture forth on Saturday to match up vegetables with plants.

It's all about connecting seeds to flowers to fruits.

I'll be taking some scarlet runner bean flowers with me, along with nasturtium and sugar snap peas.  And a head of lettuce, too. All with seeds to match, of course.  

scarlet runner beans on trellis

scarlet runner bean flowers

the first squash flower, with developing fruit

I'm also taking lettuce seeds, corn seeds, cucumber seeds, and bean seeds (along with the results).

Hopefully, it'll be interesting enough after their story-reading time at the library!


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