A musing on raisins

Well, I haven't ever grown grapes, but buying cookies at a local bakery and talking with our neighbors and their son over for coffee and dessert after lunch this afternoon, had me thinking about raisins.

A "pile" of Sunmaid brand raisins

One of the cookies I'd bought was full of raisins - common enough in North America, of course, but I suddenly thought why raisins in Quebec.  (This is not a climate for grapes).

When did they come here and where did they originate, I was wondering?....I'd never thought about the origins of raisins before.   

This California raisin site provided some answers to that question:  they've been around a long time.  I've wondered, too, about why dates are so abundant here in desserts (and cheap, too), but that's a different food story.

There is a native grape here, Vitis riparia, but I'm imagining that it's the European heritage of currants and raisins that has been carried over here in Quebec, in a place prone to sweet and delicious desserts.


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