Monday, June 19, 2017

Garden Bloggers Fling

I'll be heading off on Wednesday for my 7th Garden Bloggers Fling.  Perhaps blogging seems quaint in a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook world, but I like the format.

What's best about blogging, to me, is the ability to craft a post, include photos, and originally, I liked to format the way the post appeared, although that's disappeared in the mobile device age.  Hmm, that's what is nice about print, I'm suddenly thinking.

Nevertheless, I love the Garden Bloggers Fling -- what's not to like about visiting gardens for three days in the company of other garden lovers?  It's a volunteer labor of love -- tons of work for the host committee -- sponsored generously by many green businesses, large and small, national and local.

It's a reunion each year for those of us who have come over the years, but a welcoming place for new Flingers, too, who are often regional folks.  Everyone is welcome!

And gardening is a community-building activity, after all.

Woody (and me) on the trail


  1. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Lisa!

  2. Well said, Lisa! I'll miss you, since I won't be attending this year--other trips used up my $$. But I hope to go to the Austin Fling next year. Have a great time! The picture of you and Woody is beautiful. :)

    1. Sorry to miss seeing you this year, Beth! I'm planning to go to Austin next year, for sure.

  3. See you in DC, Lisa! It'll be great to reconnect. ---Pam

  4. Nice to find your blog. Love this and relate, though my blog's woefully untended. You've hit on something I didn't consider much but that did contribute to letting it lapse: formatting frustration in the mobile age. I haven't been to a fling since 2010 in Buffalo. Maybe we met there? I've seen photos in the FB feed of you with my dear friend Andrea. I'll most definitely be in Austin at the fling next year!!


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