Wednesday, June 28, 2017

In a land of long days

It's hard to believe it's almost 11 pm, and the last bit of the sunset is still visible here in Stockholm.

We arrived late mid-day, and then made our way to the flat of our Home Exchange partner.  She and her 18-yr old son will be staying in our house while we're here.  What fun!

We have a chance to experience mid-summer life in urban Sweden, while they get to experience our small house surrounded by gardens and native woodlands, as well as hiking in the Southern Appalachians, listening to bluegrass and Appalachian music (an interest of theirs).

They'll have been in Atlanta and Savannah, before coming to Asheville. I'm quite sure that they'll enjoy our eclectic mountain town, just like we've already enjoyed their flat and its location in newly hipster and diverse neighborhoods.

(I have nice photos to include, but neither Blogger or the website is playing nice).

News Flash!
This ISN'T Stockholm obviously, but suddenly all of my NM photos are available via my iPhone .

Very peculiar.  The previous available photos on my phone had only been through March/April.

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