Saturday, June 24, 2017

Garden Bloggers Fling

One of the wonderful things about the Fling is sharing gardens with new and old friends.

What do I/we like?  What resonates? Do the gardens reflect the gardeners?  What's interesting?  What's different?  Do I like this garden?  Does my opinion matter? Of course not.

Gardens are individual spaces that reflect the gardener, and it's lovely to see that.

I'm most interested in how their gardens reflect the gardener.

In early blogging days, a fellow blogger asked the question: do our gardens reflect us, or what we aspire to?

Hmm, I'm firmly in the camp of gardens reflecting us!

My garden friend Andrea and me, courtesy of Julie Adolf's photo
Thanks, Julie!

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  1. Andrea and LIsa, two of my favourite Flingers!
    There's so much to think about during a Fling, and so little time. It takes me a full year to digest it. My overwhelming impression this year was how wonderful a pollinator/wildlife-friendly garden can be, and how you don't have to have a huge garden or vast amounts of money to achieve it.


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