Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cultivating Place

I've been enjoying listening to a wonderful podcast lately: Cultivating Place: Conversations on Natural History and the Natural Impulse to Garden, a co-production of North State Public Radio and Jennifer Jewell (

On my walk this morning, a piece from June 1 (Dispatches From The Home Garden - Urban Homesteading and a Garden Journey) was especially compelling, as a young gardener (at 33) talked about her approach to urban homesteading and a garden journey.  It could have been an interview with me, I thought, although I'd not consider myself an urban homesteader and I'm in my early 60's.

She (Melissa Keyser) described so clearly how creating gardens connected her to the natural world and grounded her experience in urban landscapes.

Jennifer Jewell's conversation with her illuminated the journey that gardening truly is, and the sometimes bittersweet experiences of making (and leaving) beloved gardens.

It was a lovely accompaniment to my explorations of burgeoning front gardens in one of the neighborhoods near by:  full of pollinator-supporting flowers, edibles, and other not-lawn plantings.

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