Urban foraging (apples)

Just a small part of the harvest
Walking towards an old apple tree that we knew was there (dripping with apples that no one harvests), a friend and I spotted first a pear tree, and then two old apple trees in a suburban landscape.

The house was for sale, and we thought the house might be empty.  My friend went up to check, but found a nice young woman at home, who, when asked about her apples, said "take all you want!"

These trees were dripping with apples -- one a Cortland/Rome like apple - the other a tart small apple.

They were in great shape, for not having had any formal care, and the Asian pears were perfect.  We happily harvested, and I've made apple sauce and an apple crisp, and my friend will be making cider tomorrow. The pears will be eaten fresh.

We didn't get up to the tree that was on up the hill (it's on one of our regular walking routes).  But we were happy with our harvest, none the less!


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