Observing the natural world

A FB post reminded me of this;  there's tremendous joy and appreciation in observing the natural world. That's why I've been blogging for so many years, recording my observations and appreciations, really just for me, but glad to share thoughts with whomever passes by.

My FB presence is almost only my blog feed, but I also love my FB friends -- most are fellow gardeners and natural lovers, so their thoughts and posts are also interesting.

Getting ready to travel into a different part of the world has me aware of the differences - I expect misty rain in late September and October in Ireland, where I'm going, but also expect a landscape that is very different than where I live in the Southern Appalachians, even though we share ancient hills, rocks, and vegetation.

Cajas National Park, Ecuador
This has been my screensaver for some years now - a touchstone place.  I'm reminded of it when I see photos of Ireland.


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