Harvesting peppers and tomatillos, monitoring greens

I'll be away for a while in the first half of October, prime time for the final harvest of peppers, as well as the full-on onslaught of mustards, lettuces, and arugula.

I planted beets, carrots, leeks, and shallots, too, and will be putting in garlic before leaving. It's an awkward time to be gone in the vegetable garden, and a wonderful time to be here in the mountains, but...

I'll be harvesting all of the peppers (poblano 'Magnifico' and the pizza peppers), tomatillos, and whatever beans (hrrmph) I still have, before I go.

Thankfully, I still have a small bit of room in the miniature chest freezer for roasted peppers and salsa verde.  It's almost filled up, with tomatoes, summer fruits, squash, and green beans, which is fine -- my mid-size chest freezer that was left down in the Piedmont never filled up.

We'll eat as much of the fresh greens as we can before I leave -- the first frost may arrive before I come back, or not!  We'll see.