Chopped apples, hand issues, and other conundrums

I think it was the harvesting apples, chopping apples for cider, and making too much apple butter (more chopping) that (finally) had my right hand in revolt.

chopped apples for cider
My index finger had DEFINITELY had enough, as of a couple of weeks ago.  Harvesting veggies, trimming green beans for freezing, switching cutting techniques to avoid aggravating an arthritic thumb --- hrrmph, it said, and it protested, BIG TIME.

It's slowly settling down, but is still quite painful on and off, but is apparently overuse, with thinning cartilage in the main joint.  The nice hand doctor said my final finger issue (on my ring finger) was a mallet finger, so needs a splint for 6 weeks (24/7), after confirming my arthritic thumb.  Ha!  That's a challenge to have a splint on, and still do much of anything normal with my right hand.

Resting my index finger on my dominant hand - that's a huge challenge. Not doing much with my main hand, ditto. I'm doing my best.

Thank goodness for good voice to text apps, and Apple's dictation system (part of the latest operating system upgrade), even if I'm still typing this out on my wireless keyboard....


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