Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wonderful tropical fruits

One of the delights of traveling in tropical America (especially Colombia) is all of the amazing fruits.  Mango, papaya, bananas, and pineapple were regulars on our breakfast plates.
A diversity of tropical fruits (from Uncover Colombia)
But maracuya (passion fruit), mora (blackberry), guanabaya, uchuva, guava, as well as a variety of citrus fruits, and grapes (a native grape something like concord grapes, as well as imported) were available as well.

Pears and apples made an appearance with street vendors (perhaps a holiday treat?)

Fresh juices in Colombia were always available (from breakfast to dinner), whether at a restaurant or on the street.  Hubby loved them.  They're not sweet, at all.

They're simply fruit pulp (of whatever sort), blended with water or milk (with ice, at times), to make a refreshing drink.  Nothing like our fruit drinks or smoothies at home in North America, as they're not sweetened.  Remarkably, frozen fruit pulp (mango, maracuya, and guavabuana) has made it to the frozen fruit section in one of our local supermarkets (catering to Latin American tastes).  It'll be fun to try them!

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