Monday, January 6, 2014

Traveling in Colombia

Wax palms (Colombia's national tree) in the Valley of Cocora
Google thought it was "suspicious" that I wanted to sign into my blog account in Colombia.  Hmm. 

And the only way to verify my identity was to receive a text message on my cell phone (which didn't work in Colombia) or answer a series of largely (unanswerable) questions about my various Google accounts and when they'd started  (how are you supposed to remember the date of when you signed up for Google Calendar?)

So posts weren't going to happen while we were traveling!  So there's been a lapse in posting...
LW with a favorite activity (map reading!)
But, we had a wonderful time for the three weeks we were there, discovering some of the natural and cultural diversity of Colombia -- a fabulous destination (and totally safe and easy for traveling, too).

There are more posts to come, along with musings about gardening, too.  The deep freeze that we're currently experiencing makes me feel better about NOT having worried too much about planting extra greens (unprotected) or about the herbivores (woodchucks and deer) that were yumming up everything in the fall.

Fences and barriers are on my radar for winter and spring plantings, that's for sure (after the soil thaws out enough to sow early winter greens!)

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  1. What a fabulous trip - and fascinating Google tale.
    Welcome home!


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