Thursday, January 9, 2014

Views from Salento

Salento view down the main street
We totally enjoyed Salento, a "tourist" town locked in a time warp;  the colonial buildings are filled with shops, but still evoke the feeling of a Zona Cafeterra town from years ago. 
Salento fruit stand
 It may have been an accidental time to visit -- on the cusp of explosive development - but there are apparently some historical standards that have preserved the amazing look and feel of the town. 

We loved Salento -- and especially the views surrounding the town.

Sunset was magical.

We were amazed that there weren't droves of folks at our "regular" sunset spot at the head of the main street (simply labelled Restaurante). Hmm, there's no way I can post on TripAdvisor if you don't advertise a name!  We loved the spot.

It's just before the path steepens significantly, before the steps up to the mirador.

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