Thursday, June 7, 2012

A June view from the porch

The Rudbeckia maxima in the border viewed from the porch (in the Piedmont) is looking fabulous (at least compared to any previous years) -- this is a view from quite a bit of distance and taken late in the day without a lot of attention to detail.  

Porch view (early June 2012)
The combination of warmth and regular moisture seems to have favored flowering, with multiple flowering stems in both plants that I've planted -- this particular plant in the porch view border has sulked through dry springs, looking anemic, and producing a single flowering shoot at most each year.  There are several flowering shoots this year on both plants.  Woo-hoo! 

A species native to the central U.S, it normally grows in moist soils in wet areas ( I just checked), so that explains the sulking, although apparently it tolerates drier soil, too).  Hmm, I guess that means that it sits there waiting for decent moisture...

It was lovely to eat dinner on the porch this evening, enjoying the Rudbeckia, along with a newly-flowering Liatris, and the huge Buddleia nearby.

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