Saturday, June 9, 2012

June-flowering perennials

It's amazing that this mixed shrub perennial border (a focal point from the porch) looks nice at all.  No irrigation.  A minimal bit of spring and fall cleanup. No mulch, dead-heading, dividing, pruning, etc.

But it has continued to look pleasing season after season.  I add plants, remove interlopers and declining plants, but really do very little 'gardening' there, although after the last two dry summers, I was thinking about redoing it entirely.
Perennial border in June
Even though I was busy this spring and didn't do much, graced with moisture and mild temperatures, the plants in the border have flourished.

It's been a pleasure to look at over the last few weeks.


  1. You truly have a beautiful garden. Your surroundings look peaceful.

    1. Thanks, Angela!

      We definitely have tried to create a garden space that makes us feel at home... and it IS peaceful now (aside from the wildlife).

  2. Those are my favorite kinds of gardens. It is very pretty.

    1. Thank you, Mary -- this border is looking amazing this spring, considering how scruffy it looked last fall!


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