Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carrots, lavender, and bees

Carrots are always a dicey vegetable in southern climates. Touted as easy to grow, they're hardly happy in heavy clay soils and heat quickly makes them bitter in spring plantings.

The notion that fresh carrots from the garden are always sweet and tender isn't my experience.  But these Thumbelina carrots (from Renee's Garden seeds), harvested today, are delightful in appearance and pretty tasty, too.  (Uh, but not exactly like those baby carrots pre-packaged in the grocery store, either).

fresh carrots from the garden
The lavender in the front bed is starting to flower -- I've forgotten the cultivar, but it's flourishing.

lavender starting to flower

bumblebee visiting lavender flower

It's behind other lavenders in the neighborhood, but is robust, and the first bumblebees are enjoying the nectar from its flowers.


  1. Your carrots look wonderfull!! Question though, how do you tell when they are ready to be pulled? Mine have been in the ground since march and I am pretty sure they aren't orange yet.


  2. Victoria-
    The best way is to check their progress as you thin plants as they grow -- carrots need plenty of space to develop a good root! Sometimes you can see the 'top' develop just above the ground, too.

  3. Lisa,
    We grew carrots like those last year, yummy. Only thing about them was cutting them up, roll away no matter what you do. Beautiful lavender..

  4. Randy, you're right-- they were definitely hard to keep corralled, either while cutting or peeling. But definitely they were better than any I'd grown before! I'm planning to do another round in late summer for fall & winter harvest.



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