Thursday, November 24, 2011

Leaves are gold

You can never have too many leaves, I tell folks in classes.  But our neighbors in the Piedmont and the Mountains keep putting them out.

Grab them.  They're gold.
Collected leaves;  there are more to collect!


  1. Finally got through on google!
    It's a balmy 50 here in WI today and we have about 30 super-size bags of leaves to chop (finally, a good thing about Norway Maples!). Our method:
    One dept. of sanitation size trashcan, filled 3/4 full with leaves. One charged weed-whacker (an extra battery helps). It takes a while but it works!

  2. Great to get all of those leaves! We keep snagging them even though we already have plenty -- we've got a great leaf composting depot spot below the house.

    It was almost 70° here in the mountains today. Yikes! But it was lovely to enjoy the great weather on a hike at Craggy Gardens.


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