Monday, November 7, 2011

Atlanta Botanical Garden

A delightful visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden last weekend included giving an evening talk (my gardening companion) and doing a program about native plants and native woodland gardens on Saturday (both of us).

Happily, our visit included some wandering around the Garden and a behind the scenes visit to their outstanding conservatories and conservation greenhouse with Conservatory and Conservation Director Ron Determann.

And we had a chance to interact with a great group of participants as well as other staff.

ABG is a class act, and has been nicely redeveloped and recently expanded (in terms of access) to now include the Storza Woods (through the Canopy Walk).

This expansion has included a new visitor center and entrance, a parking deck that's a model of how to do one, and a multi-use education facility since we'd visited last.

I've been a member for years (I like to support nearby public gardens) and was glad to renew and upgrade our membership to a dual one on this visit.

If you're in Atlanta, take time to visit. It's a special place, part of Piedmont Park in mid-town Atlanta.


  1. We have lots of interest in native plants in our area - and I promote their use as often as I can. I even have a native plant nursery, Nasami Farm, in my neighborhood, a project of the New England Wildflower Society. Great organization. Great Nursery.

  2. How great to be close to Nasami Farm! I really talked up the New England Wildflower Society and Bill Cullina's books in my presentation.

  3. Great place. I visited ABG a few years ago (blogged about too) and believe it one of the best. The tree canopy walk was under construction. Enjoyed the outdoor field of native pitcher plants.


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