Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meyer lemons

I was the pleased recipient of a Meyer lemon tree (in a container) when my friend CEN moved north. 

4 Meyer lemons
I'm not sure it's flourished exactly, but it's done fine outdoors in the last two summers, with a bit of fertilizing and pruning out offshoots of the kaffir lime rootstock (I need to do this again).  And, it's spent indoors in the winter, with sun exposure through a sunny southern window. (I need to get a decent photo during the day).

It's produced 5 lemons this year, 4 of which have turned a lovely shade of yellow already.  Woo-hoo!  The fifth is still green, but I'll see what it does.

They're not yet fragrant, but I'll wait a bit more before using them in something special.  (This account details some good suggestions).

This post (note the arrow) shows the lemon in May 2010 - it produced four lemons last year.

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  1. How nice to see it with fruit! A year before I got that tree, I gave another to a friend for Christmas. She sent me a photo of it this summer. Wish I'd saved the photo now, but it was loaded with fruit. So maybe yours is catching up.


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