Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter vegetable gardening

I'm a bit behind (we had a medium hard frost overnight), but I'm ready to put plastic over bamboo and river cane supports to create low hoop tunnels. 

Arundinaria gigantea is one of our native bamboos in the SE US, and its young canes make lovely supports, as they're flexible and an attractive purple green color.

river cane hoops ready for protection
But young canes of Asian bamboo (overly robust where planted around here), work well too. 

When green, they're flexible, and have the advantage over PVC pipe of being sustainable (that is, biodegradable) and attractive.


  1. I didn't realise that you had native bamboos in the US.
    Had thought them all native to Asia.

  2. Yes, I also never thought that they have bamboos in the US. But I don't think it grows as large as the ones that we have here in the Philipines. And we usually use bamboos as fences in our vegetable gardens.


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