A flourishing garden for the community

I've admired this church garden before. Last summer, this congregation tilled up large strips of their front lawn to grow vegetables for a local food bank (probably Manna Food Bank, a significant regional provider to food banks in the mountains and the piedmont of North and South Carolina).  This season, they're doing it again, with the addition of herb beds and potatoes.

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church vegetable garden (Asheville, NC)
It's also encouraging to see even more vegetable beds popping up in sunny spots this season (in front yards, especially).

Hmm, I'm seeing in my linking to a former post that I may not have got the congregation right in my post last year.  Regardless, thanks for their efforts to provide fresh food to folks in need.


  1. An inspirational project - I know of no local churches doing this kind of work. They should do.


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