Monday, May 16, 2011

Carolina wren nest

Carolina wrens build nests in all sorts of places, and quickly, too.

Carolina wren nest in the shed window box
There was a rudimentary sort of nest in one of the garden shed window boxes that I had noticed, but thought had been abandoned.

a blurry image because of the dim light!
Hmm, it proved to be in use this evening when I started to remove some senescing Violas and the mama wren whizzed past me and started loud singing nearby.

Peering in, the nest has five eggs in it.

I received a link to a wonderful video of a robin pair raising their young yesterday via a group e-mail.

Check this out.


  1. What a beautifully camouflaged nest. We have a number house finches and yellow finches who are super active at our various feeding standing. It's not at all clear where they're going when they depart suddenly on important business!

  2. That's so cool. As was the video of the robins! I enjoyed catching up on your posts Lisa. Things are really coming along with your garden. I also love seeing the before-and-after photos you have on the right. It reminds me how important patience is in the garden!

  3. How wexciting!
    Our male European wrens (troglodytes troglodytes)typically construct several nests in their territory and then the female chooses the one she likes best, lines it and lays her eggs.
    I wonder whether this behaviour is typical of all wrens or is only observed in our species?


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