Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An exceptional garden

old tobacco barn at Swallowtail Gardens

Gardens always reflect the gardeners who create and tend them, in my experience.

Creating a garden (distinctly different from keeping up your yard) is a personal experience, from plant choices to garden style.

The gardener at Swallowtail Gardens (Edmund Taylor) is an exceptional plantsman, plant collector, and garden designer.  A semi-retired former SC extension agent, he's created an extraordinary garden full of choice Asian woodland plants and Eastern woodland natives.

The group that visited on a recent Garden-supported field trip was totally impressed with the lovely expanse of garden that he shared with us.  More photos will come!


  1. I love seeing what other gardeners create....and look forward to seeing more photos! gail

  2. Hi I stumbled by, often when out for a walk I look into other backyards to see what they have created. On rainy days like today I often visit gardens around the blogs. Glad to have found yours

  3. What a gorgeous scene. It'll be great to see more photos :)

  4. What a lovely view from this garden. I look forward to more photos.


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