This evening the 'drumbeat' of the forecast materialized, and we've had several inches of fluffy, damp snow and it's still coming. This is most unusual for us -- we normally have nice winter days alternating with cold rainy days in February in the Upstate of South Carolina. But this year, with El Nino and altered wind patterns, has been entirely different.

This evening's snow is wet, heavy, and slushy and will freeze overnight to a harder consistency, making the roads slippery, and keeping us folks unused to snow and ice inside and not venturing forth. The quietness has already descended.

I'll need to go out briefly to post a cancellation notice for a program Saturday morning -- I've called all the registered participants, but there might be some northerly sort of person who might appear. But I guess I've lived in the Southern U.S. for long enough to share the aversion to snowy and icy travel. I'm only a mile away from campus, but I wouldn't want to drive much more than that!


  1. Stay home, keep warm, read catalogs and dream about spring! gail

  2. I wondered how much you all got. Wet slushy snow leads to icy conditions. That is what we had on Wednesday. Now we are clear, hoping what you are getting now misses us.

  3. We've got 4" already and it seems to have slowed for the time being. There's still more to come. The heaviest snow should start around midnight and taper off around 2am.

    It's pretty. That's about all I can say about it.

  4. Stay warm and enjoy the peace and quiet.

    We only got 1 1/2 inches here in Durham. Our THIRD snow fall this year unheard of here!

  5. We must have had about 4 inches or so overnight. It was totally lovely this morning although the roads were iced over. They're clearing rapidly with sunny skies and midday temps in the 40's.


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