Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain, rain, and more rain

After a decade of drought, I guess I really should be grateful for the abundance of moisture that's recharged aquifers, and led to an official 'end of drought' pronouncement. But it's been so wet, cold, icy, and dark (at least for wimpy Southern gardeners like me), I'm looking for all the signs of spring that I can find.

I can't get out and DO anything in my beds; they're way too wet and it's been icy or pouring for every weekend for weeks. We haven't been able to go up to build new beds in the mountains, either, because of snow and ice.

OK, I'll get a grip on reality; much of the temperate world is much colder (and snowier) than here. But I want to plant peas, and lettuces, and spinach, and early greens....

I guess I just need to be patient (and grateful for the normally mild weather that we have), and think about all of you that have much more severe gardening climates to face and who cope quite nicely.

An impatient Southeastern US gardener wanting our 'normal' February weather....


  1. The aquifers are full. The rivers here are overflowing. The drainage ditch in the gully has crested. I haven't seen dry soil in ages. It feels like it's been raining since December. The ground is absolutely sopping wet. And there's more in the forecast for next week. I'm ready for some drought. I figure I need about 3 weeks of no rain just to get the gardens prepared for spring. At this point, I'll never get me sprouted cabbages into the garden.

  2. Yes, indeed...I'll trade you a few of your showers for some of our frosty days of late. :)

  3. I'm becoming frustrated and impatient, too... but keep trying to remind myself that I have it so much better than some others, just as you did here. :)

  4. Same here in Durham, NC the gardens still have clumps of snow in them even after more than an inch of rain yesterday. Last year we planted peas on Jan 24th. We do have some fall greens that I covered with plastic still growing.

  5. The soil can't hold any more water here. It is just miserable. Muddy, cold, icy, just plain icy!!!

  6. Rain? Snow, snow, and more snow. 24-inches December, 25-inches Saturday, 15-inches tomorrow. I was hoping to enjoy my new sweet-smelling Sarcococca at this time. I would trade it in for your rain.


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