Friday, February 19, 2010

More sunny days

What a blessing to have a sunny week finally appear in our cold, dark, and soggy (and frosty) winter! We're definitely in the home stretch (I think hopefully), as normally we would have had a number of days like today already -- sunny and highs in the 50's. The weekend will be even more pleasant, with sunny skies and temperatures into the lower 60's. Today was quite 'normal' according to weather records.

Normal is getting more variable than ever, it seems to me.

There was an excellent piece by Thomas Friedman of the NY Times about 'Global Weirding' earlier this week. I'm not an expert on global climate change (far from it), but my survey of review literature, and talking with knowledgeable folks about their thoughts, in the process of working on a piece not long ago about how gardeners are perceiving climate change was revealing to me.

Highly variable weather events are predicted by many global climate change models; they don't predict a lock-step increase in temperatures by any means. But certainly, there's an overall increasing trend in average temperatures, especially in the winter, and it's predicted to continue. So the blips of record snows are only data points in global weirding, not a refutation of the process of global climate change.


  1. I like Thomas Friedman (most of the time---don't read EVERYTHING he writes). The wild weather swings are very real.

  2. I don't know where you are, but I lived in Greenville as a child, and I was very happy there. I don't miss the cold, but I do miss the springtime. I live in SW Fl now. I'm putting your blog on my blogroll. You can see it at


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