Monday, February 8, 2010

Mistletoe berries

We're getting close to Valentine's Day, so a mistletoe post is timely. Kissing under the mistletoe has a long tradition more at Christmas than at Valentine's Day, though.

Mistletoe is a flowering plant which is parasitic for water and minerals, while its green leaves photosynthesize. The seeds get around by bird dispersal; seeds either adhere to bird's feet after preening, or pass through the gut during digestion.


  1. There are some trees in Greenwood that were almost full green like they were entirely in leaf....and it was all mistletoe. We have it up here as well, but this one area was just thick with mistletoe!

  2. I love seeing it in the trees all winter. We finally saw some sun today...But the cold nights are staying around...sigh...gail


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