A sedum garden

Sedums are one of my favorite groups of drought tolerant plants. I like to use them in window boxes and containers, where they thrive with minimal care. They also have a tremendous diversity of habits, color, and form within the large numbers of species available, although with much cultivar diversity.

I was admiring a green roof display at a mountain nursery a couple of weeks ago, and took my gardening companion back to look at some other plants (thinking that he'd enjoy the sedums, too).

They were exceptionally attractive (happily, he doesn't need much encouragement) and we set about adding a small sedum garden in the dry mulched area above the bog-in-progress.

We even went back the next day to get more to add, along with a few with some height.

We're hoping that they'll thrive with minimal care!

Our gardening assistant (perhaps I should say 'supervisor') seems to approve.


  1. What a delightful planting bed...I love the sweet building behind the bed.

  2. Sedum are really nice plants to have in various areas. I love the different colors of foliage.

  3. We love sedums, too, and I do hope they'll thrive! We always seem to need to plant something, wherever we are, even in our 'low-maintenance' mountain landscape for our small (urban) mountain house.



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