Thursday, June 11, 2009

June fireflies and tree frogs

My gardening companion just reported seeing fireflies, about at mid-canopy in the surrounding forest.

They're the first, aside from a few that appeared after a brief warm spell in May. We had a thunderstorm this afternoon, but not a lot of rain.

When I went out to look, I didn't see fireflies, but heard the trills of tree frogs and night insects.

Summer is almost here.


  1. We have had a number of fireflies already. The 'kids' got excited when they saw some on the screen last night. (kids being in their early 20's)

  2. Can the shrill of the cicada be too far behind?

  3. Summer is officially here! gail

  4. Gail, I do think summer is officially here, and SNJGardener, cicadas are definitely on their way!

    And Janet, I'm envious that you've already seen lots (we used to spend summers in Maryland where fireflies lit up the forest edge) -- totally wonderful.



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