American Goldfinches and being grateful

The American Goldfinches are back, after I replaced the ugly white thistle sock with a proper feeder. Their bright flashes of yellow illuminate the view from the porch. I've tried to take pictures of them, but they've been blurry and too far away.

Happily, the goldfinches are also sipping water from the bird bath, so hopefully, they think our garden is a good habitat. Two males were chasing each other from the feeder this evening.

But the lovely (almost summer) evening encouraged a meditation on being grateful.

I find grounding in my experience of nature in our garden, in natural areas, and gardens that I visit. The connection with nature that I experience is something that I derive sustenance from.

I wish for more people to be able to connect to the green world, whether it's via plants on a balcony, growing vegetables for the first time, planting flowers next to the porch, or walking in the woods or a natural area.

I've only had to endure 3 years of an office without a window over my work life (a blessing, to be sure), and I still had a respite of working in the Garden with volunteers.

My surroundings are much different now.

For so many things, I'm grateful.


  1. We lived in an apartment that had no yard when we first got married and then in Germany (the first time) we were in an apartment with no balcony or yard. It was hard not being able to get outside into my own space. I enjoy being able to get out into my garden. Glad the goldfinches are back.

  2. It IS such a treat to have a green healthy garden. Yes it is.

  3. Goldfinches are the state bird here in New jersey and I love to their brilliant yellow as well.

    I bought my home in 2000 and I am still creating that oasis of green.

  4. That is so beautiful's why my clients have to pass through the garden to get to my office....thank you for the sweet reminder to notice and acknowledge my own gratitude. gail

  5. Thanks for the comments! Doesn't it seem like having a garden, especially one that you've created, is a wonderful antidote (an oasis, to be sure) to some of the much heavier challenges out there?


  6. The garden is definitely that oasis and can be that antidote at least for a moment or the length of time you can spend there.

    But the garden too is a challenge of what will survive the winter and then not get eaten by wildlife. Read my entry for today June 11, 2009.

  7. The rock work at your home is amazing! I can't believe I have not found your blog before today. How do those squirrels get up on those feeders like that?!!!!

    You don't do the follow gadget? I will have to bookmark on my browser so I can return to your delightful garden. It is a pleasure to meet you!


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