Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lots of things to reflect on

This is a time of year that bursts with observation and activity.

There are so many things to reflect on -- the first blueberries harvested (huge), the first pole beans, Ronde de Nice squash almost ready to harvest as 'baby' squash, and tomato and cucumber plants growing like the vines they are. Thank goodness for a normal rainfall spring. It makes a HUGE difference after the decade-long drought that we've had. The front meadow is lovely, as is the side border.

Coming home from the mountains, it's nice to see a green landscape, instead of a parched one. But even with that, it's always revealing to see how the containers and window boxes have managed for several days, even planted with drought-tolerant plants.

We're expecting 96° F afternoon temperatures by the end of the week. Bleech. Soft young leaves encouraged by abundant rain will need to toughen up!


  1. Sounds like summer is about to hit with a bang. Hubby loves the heat, I could do without the extremes though.

  2. Hot, humid oppressive weather I can do without. And temperatures in the mid-90's in June doesn't seem pleasant at all. We had a nice thunderstorm this evening though!

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