Friday, April 17, 2009

A perfect spring evening

April has been perfect so far. No late freezes. No unpleasant hot spells. It's been rainy (hooray!) Today's weather was exceptional (and 'normal') - a high of about 70° F with a morning low in the upper 40's. The same is expected tomorrow.

Coming home, the light was lovely, although still bright enough to fool the camera.

I took another picture of our front path; it's really worked out well.

And then I admired these lovely Tennis Ball lettuces. A butterhead variety grown by Thomas Jefferson, they're so pretty, they're hard to thin, much less harvest.

A nice salad was part of my dinner out on the porch (my gardening companion is off taking photos of spring wildflowers in the Smokies).


  1. Those are sweet looking lettuces!

  2. They're exceptionally attractive, I think! Thomas Jefferson loved salads, and this one is perfect.

  3. Lovely spring weather and a great salad to boot. Great! They look wonderful.

  4. A good day with great weather! A salad on the porch is a great way to end it! Btw, I think your front path is exceptional~~gail

  5. I'm so proud of the front path I installed myself (with some help from my gardening companion digging out the bed). It WAS hard work, but it's definitely looking fine.

    And the lettuces and salad mix flats have been great this year. Especially tasty, too.


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