Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring wildflowers

Here are a few images from the native plant collections at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville.

An tough and adaptable wildflower, Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginicum) thrives in conditions from dry dappled sunlight to damper edges; some plants (from northern populations) are much more upright than the prostrate rosettes common in southern populations. These plants, growing in relatively high rich soil, look robust.

Firepink (Silene virginica) must be challenging to move - I seldom see it for sale as a tranplant. Otherwise, it would be more common as a garden plant!

And Iris cristata always is lovely.

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  1. Hi Lisa, would you believe we have Silene virginica for sale at our Learning Garden plant sale? Ours isn't in bloom yet, soon though. Nice photos.


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