Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Salad greens

We've enjoyed such great salads lately, it's hard to beat.

My flats of salad mix, mesclun mix, pots of spinach, spinach in the ground, Tennis Ball lettuce in the ground, sown mesclun and arugula in various garden plots, and perennial French sorrel are providing totally delicious mixtures of lettuce, mustards, arugula, other greens, and spinach for our dinner salads (and my lunch salad greens on sandwiches, too).

There are a lot of good 'salad mixes' out there -- all of our reputable seed companies provide their different custom mixes from spicy Asian to mild Salad mix. And some of them are even available in our big box stores (at least this season)!


  1. I am looking forward to picking our salad greens. Nothing quite like a salad from your own garden.

  2. The greens are great but with a high of 88 in G'ville today I'm worried that we'll need to eat them in a hurry. I have my mother's old lace tablecloths draped over my lettuce beds in a desperate -- if decorative!-- attempt to deflect some of the heat! The peas are going to have to fend for themselves; I'm out of tablecloths.

  3. CEN, I know what you mean! The lettuce is going to become quite bitter, not to mention the arugula spicy, with this heat.... I collected all sorts of greens this evening for a braised mix -- fortunately it turned out well.

    Oh, well, there are always summer vegetables to look forward to.


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