Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bats and lightning beetles

A spring night hike found us listening to early crickets, tree frogs, the final songs of resident cardinals, mockingbirds, and chickadees. It was a mild evening, a bit humid, but with signs of spring all around. There were more family groups this time (this is school spring break), and more than I expected (~ 40 people).

A couple of highlights were watching bats swoop around catching insects, and the flashes of lightning 'bugs' high in the oak-hickory forest. It's really early for lightning bugs; the warm weather probably encouraged them.


  1. I am glad you said it was early for lightning bugs...thought I was really unobservant. I bet the bats are fun to watch.

  2. I don't recall seeing any lightning bugs before May in the past, but maybe I missed them!

    The bats ARE fun to watch -- their swooping for insects is amazing.


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