Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I loved nasturtiums in the San Francisco Bay Area as a student. They flourished in the cool, wet winters, and foggy dry summers. I've only seen them here in the last few years, grown for our cool climate periods in spring and fall. I've enjoyed them in baskets, and mixed in with vegetables. Normally, they've died back in summer, to reappear in fall, but these, perhaps buffered by morning and afternoon shade, and with a minimal amount of blasting sun, have flourished at the base of the Armenian cucumbers.

Maybe the light conditions have determined the success of the cucumbers, too. I just harvested the largest ones -- quite tasty.


  1. I love nasturtiums too - for some reason I have clear childhood memories of them growing in a raised bed in our backyard. Perhaps it's all those bright and glowing colours. They're so much fun for young children to plant. Big seeds are so much easier for the little fingers to handle!

  2. I really like that color -- all tangeriney. :) I adore nasturtiums.

  3. Nasturtiums are so nice -- I'm thrilled to see this one flourish this summer in its partial shade environment.

    It's great fun to have kids have a taste, too!


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