Thursday, August 28, 2008

Garden peas

It's fun to try new things. All it takes is some seeds and prepared soil. I've had a number of spots ready, and now, after 4 days of rain (thankfully due to Tropical Storm Fay), the soil is well-hydrated for now, at least.

I thought I'd try shelling peas this fall -- 'Maestro' and 'Wando' look like good varieties to try for our climate. So I pre-germinated this first batch, and have just finished tucking them into the soil.

I think that I'll try succession plantings over the next month, just to see what timing might be best. It's supposed to be back up to 90°F on Friday; young peas won't like that heat, but hopefully it will cool down before the seedlings emerge above ground!


  1. Hi Lisa
    I've just taken the marrowfat pea crop. Dried and wizzened pods - but lots of dried peas inside.
    I'm now tucking up the legume bed and planting a green manure of mustard in readiness for next year when the bed will grow brassicas.
    Your blog is a great read and inspiration.
    Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Hi, Rob-
    I just had fun finding out about marrowfat peas -- what they were and how they were eaten. They sound like a delicious pea!

    Now that we've had a good bit of rain, I'm sowing more fall things now. Thanks so much for the nice comment!
    I enjoy reading your blog, too, and love the sense of sharing a sustainable gardening view with people gardening in very different places.


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