Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It sure looks like a gourd...

Ok, we've been eating tiny versions of this squash/gourd now for some weeks (it came from a 'summer squash mix' after all, even if I really think it's an imposter that snuck in.

But as it gets bigger (if I miss harvesting one while it's small), it definitely shows why I think it's a bicolored spoon gourd at heart!


  1. hello, i also planted this particular type of gourd that it's called decorative and classified as non edible. but it's really tasty. do you have any info about the edibility? how you prepare it?

  2. Most of these ornamental gourds are quite bitter, but as you've experienced (and I did, too) some can be quite edible cooked just like regular yellow and green squash.

    Fundamentally, it's the genetics of the squash crosses (they hybridize readily), not the cooking!


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