Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer gardening

I spent a wonderful morning in the garden: deadheading some early-flowering asters, trimming old stems, cutting back the leggy Agastache (anise-hyssop) to encourage branching, and snipping back spent Salvia flowers.

It's fun to tweak borders and vegetable garden blocks; this morning I focused on the shed border, moving a couple of plants that needed more space, or a different site, and freeing the edges from the inevitable Bermuda grass invasion.

I redid several containers near the potting bench, too, whose perennials had outgrown their pot, and created new plantings with shade-tolerant Heuchera (coral root or alum root), including one of the lime-green leaved ones I'd bought on a whim).

I'm enjoying this apricot Agastache -- I've forgotten the species (hopefully, I saved the tag or mentioned it in a blog post) -- its light open flowering pattern is lovely against the shed wall.

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  1. I think what you've got here is Agastache aurantiaca, "Apricot Sprite." I started some from seed last year and put them out. Didn't do much and I forgot about them. Fortunately I didn't get around to pulling all the "weeds" in the bed where I'd planted them this spring and boy am I glad I didn't. They've made huge lovely mounds this summer, seem impervious to this nasty drought, and just bloom their heads off. They last pretty well as a cut flower too. And the bees and hummingbirds love'me. Enjoy!


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