Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sorting out plant labels

Perhaps writing about plants is helping me become a better record-keeper! I love playing around with plants and seeds, but it is frustrating to have something flourish, only to forget exactly what it was. Usually, it doesn't matter very much -- there's more than a little 'flexibility' even in propagated cultivars and labeled seeds, but if I want more Nepeta 'Walker's Low' but get 'Six Hills Giant' instead, then it does make a difference.

The lovely apricot-colored Agastache that I planted last year is most likely A. aurantiaca 'Apricot Sprite' (thanks, CEN, for reminding me). I bought it as a plant (a bit surprisingly) at the garden center of a local big box store. I'd been reading about interesting Agastache species native to our Desert Southwest last summer, and wondering if some of them would flourish here (being tolerant to drought), and picked it up when I saw it on the table.

In any case, pondering about this encouraged me to look through my saved plant tags (a feeble attempt to keep track), and actually sort them out and organize them in my garden notebook.

The notebook looks more impressive than it actually is in this picture, but I felt good about organizing it.

An Agastache 'Apricot Sprite' tag wasn't among them, but lots of other interesting plants were.

In my enthusiasm, I even swept up the floor of my garden shed, since it's going to be up in the mid-90's for the next couple of days, and really NOT good planting weather.


  1. I've got a slowly growing collection of plant labels too, and try to make note of things in my blog as well so I don't lose track. You've got quite the impressive collection!

  2. I've been working on adding plants for awhile, without any organizations! I do have renewed enthusiasm for trying to make a few more notes....


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