Monday, July 7, 2008

Goldfinches in the meadow

Another dry morning (I do so wish it would rain) was brightened by a pair of American goldfinches in the front meadow. I've seen a pair frequently in the last couple of weeks, the brilliant yellow of the male drawing my attention. I'm hopeful that they may be working on a nest nearby - they're one of the last species to breed in the summer, presumably depending on abundant seeds in fall to nourish their young.

We apparently had several fledglings a couple of years ago that practiced flying from the big oak towards the bird feeders near the porch.


  1. There you go again!
    The American Goldfinch is one of my favourite birds on your side of the pond.
    Just loving the blog, by the way. You seem to be doing so much and having such success.
    Here in England it is a typically wet summer - at least it's good for the potatoes.
    Best wishes

  2. Very exciting - I hope they decide to build a nest nearby.

    We've had some sort of flycatcher return and nest under our deck for the second year in a row. They're very fun to have around as they are very bold when nesting and will follow us around the yard quite closely. I've got a good photo now so maybe I'll be able to identify them.

  3. Goldfinches are such attractive birds. I love watching them foraging on seedheads -- well worth having lots of 'dried' up plants in the fall.

    I haven't had much luck spotting nests in our garden -- lots of evidence, but they're well-hidden, so great fun to have one under the deck.

    Rob, I've been having so much fun this summer in the vegetable garden (without the woodchuck of last year)-- I'll probably be inundated with vegetables. And I keep ordering more seeds. Uh, oh.

  4. We have three tins full of seed packets and seem to add another tin every year. It's just so hard to resist buying another packet!


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