Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A magenta Monarda

The bee balm that I planted near the birdbath is in full flower. It was an experiment from last fall; I planted a trio of 'rescued' moisture-loving plants in dry shade, figuring they'd get extra moisture from the birdbath water.

The new foliage of the Heuchera turned out to be an unfortunate lime-green for this particular spot, a color prized by horticulture folks, I guess, and OK for a container, but not in the ground. Fortunately, the later leaves became more normal in color, and I removed the lightest ones after they totally bleached out, anyway.

The bee balm (Monarda Raspberry Wine) WAS the clear magenta promised (I forgot this until I looked back at my previous blog about planting it--hooray for my online garden journal) -- quite unusual compared to its native red, but striking one, nevertheless. I haven't yet seen any hummingbirds visit it, though.

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