Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Squash seedlings

I'm spending some time getting all my seedlings and young plants in pots tucked in the ground. They'll have the best situation for flourishing, if my gardening companion is away for a few days, or absent-mindedly forgets to water them everyday. My containers will be fine -- but seedlings in small pots-- hhmm, probably not.

I'm going to be traveling for a couple of weeks, leaving a week from now -- on a garden-visiting excursion, much anticipated during what passes for our few months of winter here in the Carolinas. I love traveling to different places, often natural gardens, always interesting cultural places, and usually travel with my gardening companion.

But, I'm traveling specifically to visit gardens this time, on a solo trip, echoing a remarkable trip I took a year and half ago. Traveling is always interesting, but I find that it's always prefaced with worries about leaving home and the garden, and wondering why in such a lovely time of the year here I'm trouping off somewhere else!


  1. Thanks, Amy--
    Traveling is always wonderful and interesting, but being home is equally fascinating. But when I'm fortunate to have an opportunity to expand my 'horizons,' it's always good to take a leap!



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