Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A bee party

I think (after discussing this with my gardening companion - long distance) that there must be more common bumblebee species here than at home. I'll have to do more research, but my gardening companion (who studied pollination biology) suggests that the cooler climate here in England would favor more bumblebees, who can fly at lower temperatures, relative to butterflies and other insects. I have seen a few wasp-like flower visitors, but primarily a remarkable array (to me) of bumblebees, in addition to honeybees.

Regardless, I've been having a field day observing and taking pictures of them!


  1. This link might help you identify our native humble bumbles http://www.bumblebeeconservationtrust.co.uk/bumblebees_id.htm
    One of my favourite garden visitors.

  2. Rob-
    Thanks for the site recommendation. You have so many interesting bees, and gardens full of them!



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