Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nymans: a National Trust House and Garden

My first garden visit was close to my lodging (perfect for an arrival day visit!) Nymans, a National Trust garden, is an 'estate' garden founded by a wealthy family who were also keen plant collectors.

Nyman's not really a garden for planting 'ideas,' but one to enjoy walking in, and to see the viewscapes, landscapes, and historic plantings. There were lots of visitors today -- mostly 'older' British folks, I think, although I did chat with a 'younger' American who'd lived in Britain for almost 19 years, working for US-based airline companies.

There's an interesting assortment of very old and impressive trees, lots of rhododendrons and azaleas in flower this time of year, coming from all sorts of places in Asia and the Southeastern U.S.

To me, the rhododendrons and azaleas are quite familiar, since we have our natives and the Asian species flourish as well, but they're particularly happy in the buffered climate of Southern England as they're large and floriferous.

These familiar plants were punctuated by unusual plants, a Chilean firebush in full flower, a woody Echium with a tremendously tall inflorescence, Euphorbias, and clearly prized old Wisteria vines and a (big for England) Southern Magnolia.

There were some lovely borders with Iris, Allium, and Salvias, mixed with cardoon, catmint, a stout lupine, lambs ear, and Aquilegias.

The views into the surrounding countryside were lovely, focused on long viewing distances that pull your view forward. The surrounding woods (almost 300 acres) encompasses some Areas of Special Interest and harbors rare plants in the understory of the woods.

And an old dovecote still harbors beautiful white doves.

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  1. What a lovely place. I'm always fascinated by all the old buildings in Europe. I think this is because all the history is so recent where I live, and the only heritage building are big log cabins.


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