Sunday, May 11, 2008

A bluebird meal

It was rainy (finally and thankfully, overnight and this morning), but late this afternoon, the sky cleared up, and I went for a long walk in the Garden.

In the meadows, there was a male bluebird perched on a small tree, and then I caught a glimpse of one that had what looked like a skink in its beak. He was trying to break it into small pieces by thumping it on a sign. Not an effective procedure, but I imagine that he'd picked up a 'roadkill' on our entrance road.


  1. Hmm...I guess he's welcome to it? ;)

  2. Certainly, although I'm not sure he made any headway thumping it on the sign! During breeding season, bluebirds feed a lot of caterpillars and other 'nutritious' insects to their babies -- maybe the skink just seemed like an extra-large caterpillar....


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