Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Seeds and seed catalogs

I'm afraid that I'm probably a vegetable and seed addict; I love looking at seed catalogs and thinking about growing new (or heirloom) varieties of vegetables, trying new things (geez, it only takes 60 days for kohlrabi to mature?), or trying to figure out what odd things in foreign markets might be.

Anyone know what this is? We saw it in a South Indian market this winter break. It doesn't appear to be celeriac, nor jicama, but seems to be something that grows underground.

I ordered another flurry of seeds today, to have enough to get the early spring garden set (uh, actually I just couldn't help ordering them). We have really 5 seasons of growing here in Zone 7b (working on Zone 8), a concept that I'm embracing thanks to Barbara Pleasant, a great gardener and garden writer.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby; where else could I spend $25 that would provide such a wonderful promise of future delicious experiences (eating homegrown vegetables) to come.


  1. There is nothing wrong with being addicted to seed ordering. Sorry, I can't help you identify that plant. Do you teach at Clemson U?

  2. Seeds (and plants) are indeed a wonderful 'addiction' to have. And, learning (and trying) new plants of all sorts is wonderful fun.

    I do teach at Clemson University, in a quite non-traditional way at our botanical garden, being quite an odd sort of faculty member.


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