Thursday, February 21, 2008

More rain

I talked to a fellow this week who grew up in West Texas, where he said the topic of discussion has always been rain. Ranchers there (of which his father was one) talked about needing rain, is rain coming, how much did we get, etc. -- it was critical to the dryland forage that the cattle depended on, and meant big expenses to bring in extra hay for feed. So the continuing drought in the Southeast (where he had lived for 15 years, compared with the deluges that came last summer in Texas and mid-west, where he lives now) posed an odd puzzle for him to contemplate.

Thinking about the drought here, and the weather extremes that seem to be becoming greater, with the contrast of floods in the Central U.S. last summer, and record snowpacks in the Rockies and Sierra, with concerns of spring flooding this year are something to consider.

But it's raining here now, and perhaps we'll get a couple of inches. Our rain gauge split over winter break, an unfortunate casualty of being not put away before traveling, and freezing and thawing. Time to get another one, and start watching the totals again.


  1. Time to get out those rain barrels. I need more rain space. We have gotten enough to water for months if I could have only captured enough of it. Our back yard is squishy. We are in a non drought zone.

  2. I recently heard that the Atlanta Botanical Garden is planning to construct a million gallon cistern. If they can collect that amount of water based on rainfall, it's certainly a better use than running down storm 'sewers.'

    I'd definitely like to think that my garden/yard is absorbing whatever rainfall comes, and there's not much extra left. But, I am thinking about capturing what runs off the roof, inside of diverting it to groundwater.


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